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Corporate Tax


Any corporation carrying on a business in Canada is required to file a Corporation Income Tax return (T2). The tax return must be filed no later than 6 months after the year end of the corporation. The taxes owed by CCPCs (Canadian Controlled Private Corporation) are required to be paid by no later than 3 months after their year end. For example, a CCPC with a December 31st year end must file their T2 return by June 30th and must pay their taxes owed by March 31st. 

At Platinum Tax & Accounting, we provide year-round support to corporate, self-employed individuals, partnerships, PREC and business clients. Platinum Tax & Accounting can be counted on for being a trusted partner for you in delivering on the accounting capability that you may need. 

Our staff includes Chartered Professional Accountant’s who are experienced and knowledgeable to help design and implement tax policies and strategies and at the same time evaluate managerial processes to comply with relevant statues and regulatory codes. 

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